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History & Crew

Nothing but the best staff will do here at Gann Aviation.  Here is a bit of history about our staff

Gann Aviation History


Carlus Gann started Gann Aviation in 1988 in his back yard rebuilding aircraft engines.  In 1998 he built a 10,000 sq.ft. facility at the Lafayette, GA airport (9A5) where the business is currently located.  in 1999 a Stra-A-Flex Hose Shop was added to the existing engine shop.  In 2003 Gann expanded again into another 10,000 sq.ft. facility to add an FAA Avionics Repair Station with limited airframe capabilities.  Fast forward to 2006 and again Gann Aviation expanded into another 10,000 sq.ft., bringing the total to 30,000, adding a maintainence operation headed by Rick Cason, A&PIA,  so we could bring in aviation capabilities to our existing airframe, avionics, engines and hoses.  Since the humble beginnings in 1988, Gann Aviation has overhauled hundreds of aircraft engines, upgraded avionics, numerous maintainence, manufactured thousands of hoses that have been shipped worldwide and annual inspections on numerous models and types of aircraft, focsing on Beechcraft.  This makes Gann Aviation the one stop for ALL your maintainence needs.


Carlus Gann

There is so much to say, but so little time!  All that remains is history.

Richard Cason

Rick is an FAA mechanic with A&P I/A and Repairman raitings with 39 years of aircraft maintainence experience.  

He is an avid FAA rated private pilot and is USAF retired.

In 1989, Rick attended Florence-Darlington Tec and received an Aviation Maintainence Degree.

He is also ABS trained.

He joined the Gann team in 2006.  



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